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The JustBeGreen “World Brand” plans to inspire others to simply ‘do good’ as often as possible.
The ideas, that we will implement on a global basis, will encourage others to come together for the greater good.

JustBeGreen, LLC.

Our mission is to develop and implement environmental initatives which contribute to a more sustainable relationship between mankind and Mother Earth. We focus on identifying logical and rational programs throughout varied industries with the greatest impact on sustainability.

City of JustBeGreen

The proposed "City of JustBeGreen" will be more than a technological breakthrough, more than a new invention, more than an optimum health community, more than a new economic system, the future "City of JustBeGreen" will be a holistic, ecologically contained, self-sustaining environment.


JustBeGreen World will globally grow, feed, and educate people about sustainable agriculture and environmental sensitivities.

Joint Ventures

Our mission is Creating shared visions of... what can be.